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Nick Fisichella was born in 1989 and spent the majority of his young life as an atheist, but in 2011 he came to know the Lord through the preaching of the Word and his faith was strengthened through the teachings of Creationism and Apologetics. In 2015, while visiting the 60th Street Baptist Church, Nick met his now wife, Sonya Fisichella and over the course of a year, they were both engaged and married at our facilities. In 2018, Nick and Sonya moved to Kentucky where Nick went on to work for Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum for some time before returning home to Florida where he and his family eventually re-joined their home church. Nick is now a student of Emmaus Baptist College, a father of two, and a faithful member acting as both the Media Director and the Youth Director at Sixtieth Street. Once a month, Nick brings a dynamic message to the Solid Grounds Coffeehouse where he and his wife serve as a team. Both Nick and his wife have a heart for youth ministry and hope to be used by God to continue to grow their group both in number and in spiritual wisdom.